Gas Monitoring Systems for Vehicle Emissions


Exhaust ventilation controlled by fixed gas detectors provides a safe clean environment and keeps energy costs in check.


Carbon monoxide is the most hazardous component in emissions from gasoline and propane powered vehicles.

To measure and control the various toxins in diesel exhaust the most reliable indicator is nitrogen dioxide.

Gas monitoring - Indoor parkades

Use carbon monoxide detectors in automobile parkades to control exhaust ventilation.  Where diesel powered automobiles are also present, use a combined unit with both carbon monoxide sensor and nitrogen dioxide sensor built in.



Gas monitoring - Vehicle Maintenance

Measure and control vehicle emmisions in maintenance garages for trucks, buses, lift trucks, and heavy equipment.  Small motors such as lawn movers, chain saws, outboards, all terrain vehicles usually have no catylitic converters, so toxic emmisions can be greater than from automobiles.

  • Model 6002 for carbon monoxide from gasoline and propane powered vehicles
  • Model 6002-H2nil for carbon monoxide from gasoline and propane vehicles where batteries are also being charged,  Features a low sensitivity to hydrogen.
  • Model 6014 for nitrogen dioxide to control diesel emmisions




Gas monitoring - warehousing

Reduce energy costs by measuring emmisions from gasoline and propane powered lift trucks and only exhausting heated and air conditioned air when needed.

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