Networking and BACnet Options

Network and BACnet Options


Opera has one core model, the  60xx-B series.  This is a stand-alone dual sensor with display, horn, strobe, two on-board relays with 3 adjustable alarms and timers, etc.  They are equiped with  CAN BUS port that will communicate between other 60xx devices (either sensors or 6000 controllers) up to 32 units per network.  We chose this BUS for its extremely high speed, reliability, flexibility, robustness in extreme conditions (it is a safety system).  They also have a BACnet certified MS/TP port.  They can be chained together up to the MS/TP limit of 127 devices.  Your BMS would talk directly to them and the BMS would control the ventilation and alarms.  Here is where it gets interesting.  One could also run the system via the CAN BUS, sending alarms commands between sensors or 6000 controller(s) to operate the ventilation and alarms etc. plus attach a BACnet MS/TP cable to one of the sensors and be able to read the gas readings of all the down-stream sensors on the CAN network.  Now you have 100% stand-alone gas monitoring system (it is a safety system) and the “controller” is optional.


The 60xx-C transmitter.  Also a dual sensor with display.  It looks the same as the -B, but inside it has no relays or MS/TP connection.  It lives on the CAN BUS network and transmits alarms and gas readings to the other 60xx-B sensors.  The -B is the master, and the -Cs are slaves.  In a given ventilation zone there would typically be 5 to 10 sensors but only one would need to be a master.  The series 60xx-C are less expensive and the data still flows through the -B master unit(s) into the BACnet system.


Then we have the 60xx-A.  It is identical to the -B model but with one less relay and the addition of 2 analogue outputs.  These are a more expensive that the -B.  We offer the -A series to do direct drive of variable speed motors, and also for the occasional upgrade to antique gas monitoring systems that still uses discreate cables between each sensor and a bank of analogue inputs.  Over 90% of the detectors we have sold in the last 18 years are running on either CAN BUS networks, BACnet networks, or both.

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